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As a child you may have built a Lego set, and once those coloured bricks had been poured out onto the floor, you proceeded to put them together following the simple step-by-step instruction booklet. After an enjoyable (or potentially frustrating) period of time, you had a lovely, completed model.

If you had lost the instructions or decided to just build using your knowledge or experience, you may have ended up with something looking like the picture on the box, but with bits left over.

What you would have followed to achieve your completed model was, in essence, a simple Method Statement.

A Method Statement, in its simplest form, is a document that explains, step-by-step, how a job is to be undertaken in a way that is efficient, productive and safe. Method statements also convey other information and often include Risk Assessments, CoSHH Assessments and other relevant information (often referred to as RAMS – Risk Assessments and Method Statements).

Method Statements are a vital tool in ensuring the productivity and safety of your operatives on a project and are a useful set of instructions to assist your project so it can be completed to the required standard and on time.

Logic can assist with the development of Method Statements for your projects to help with the productive, efficient and safe completion of your work tasks.


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