At Logic SHE Solutions we provide bespoke health and safety management solutions across a broad spectrum within the construction and facility management industries.

This includes the development and implementation of ‘best practice procedures’ for asbestos management and surveying across the UK, to providing health and safety management advice to Clients, Principal Contractors and trade contractors. 

Through Our involvement with a diverse range of clients we have been involved in various developments consisting of some of the “Best Practice documents and systems in the country”.

We have been involved in single residential units in Belgrave and Park Lane to major projects such as University College Hospital London, The DWP National rollout and Wembley Stadium. 

Equally we could as easily be found advising the utility contractor undertaking repairs within the NHS.

-        Asbestos Refurbishment, Demolition & Management Surveys

-        Asbestos management, policy and procedures

-        Advice and assistance in development of contracting and procurement strategy

-        Construction monitoring and auditing

-        Accident /Incident investigation

-        CDM Services

-        Principle Designer Services

-        Advice and assistance on selection processes for design team and contractors

-        Design review and monitoring

-        Development of appropriate policy and procedures

-        Development of gateway processes

-        Health and Safety File review

-        Identification of client/project aims and objectives

-        Project review procedures and KPI measurement

-        Training management, monitoring and record keeping

-        Training needs identification/training provision