Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is the fundamental building block of any safety management strategy.  Whilst it is generally considered poor practice to use third parties to undertake risk assessment, Logic are in a prime position to provide the necessary guidance support and training to allow clients to meet their legal obligations in this area.  It is also sometimes the case where clients find themselves undertaking tasks or activities with which they are not fully familiar or comfortable or indeed require specialist input.  In these circumstances Logic are able to provide the additional support, experience or resources that may be necessary.


We have made available a series of template Risk Assessments based on the risks businesses could face and appropriate control measures that can be taken. Due to the Governments legal guidance changing on the 19th July 2021 it is now up to the business to decide how to manage the risk from Covid-19. You can now find these documents available below to make specific to your own workplace:

Working on Site

Using Fuel Stations

Working in Domestic Properties

Cleaning Plant and Equipment