Family Dinner Ideas for Christmas Leftovers

Family Dinner Ideas for Christmas Leftovers Make the most of Christmas leftovers by cooking easy family dinners to see you into the New Year. You'll save time and money on these midweek lifesavers. So, the turkey has been devoured, the chocolate boxes, raided, and the savoury nibbles, scoffed – almost... After Christmas and Boxing Day, there will inevitably be some leftovers that you don't know what to do with. We suggest using them to cook comforting, festive family meals to save you time and stress in that odd period between Christmas and New Year's Day. Choose a thrifty one-pan, a creamy pasta dish or a simple traybake from our top 10 and feed a crowd with what are, after all, premium lef

Conserve Christmas Wrapping Paper

Conserve Christmas Wrapping Paper The Christmas and Hanukkah seasons are here, and most people are just about done with their holiday shopping. Now it’s time to wrap all those presents. Have you ever considered the environmental impact of all that wrapping paper and ribbon? Ever thought about its impact on your carbon footprint? The exact amount of paper we use is relative, depending on gift and family size, but according to an article on the, the UK alone consumes 8,000 tons of wrapping paper a year. That’s the equivalent of 50,000 trees. To convert that into U.S. consumption, we can probably multiple that by five, given that the U.S. population is five times larger than th

Working Safely During the Winter Cold

Working Safely During the Winter Cold Britain may not face quite the same seasonal drop in temperatures as other countries however our winter weather conditions can still pose serious health and safety risks to those working on construction sites. Michael Knibbs, Managing Director, SafeSite Facilities outlines the top five hazards on construction sites in winter and advises how to ensure your site and workforce is safe and productive during the colder months. Put the ground work in Keep driving surfaces, parking area and walkways free of pot holes. When the ground is frozen it is much harder to maintain these areas. Keeping them well looked after before the big freeze arrives will make remo

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