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It’s not all doom and gloom!

Lostock care home, situated in Bolton, Greater Manchester, were recently awarded a five star rating by Environmental Health according to the Northwich Guardian.

The care lodge in Lostock Gralam was opened in the summer of 2016 by George Osborne MP, who was then the Chancellor of the Exchequer. After being opened for only a short amount of time, the home was put through a rigorous environmental inspection after the growing concerns of hygiene throughout the care sector. The result of the investigation revealed the lodge had put a high standard of practices in place.

They were recognised for their achievement in minimising food related illness amongst the residents, as well as maintaining a high level of food hygiene practices throughout the home. The lodge also offers an outstanding level of care to the residents, providing them with en-suite bedrooms, salon, spa, shop, gym, cinema and a variety of lounges and communal areas.

Cheryl Wildman, who manages the home, told reporters how ‘delighted’ all staff were to be awarded the well-deserved five stars. She then continued by saying how ‘important’ the working members and partners of the home felt about food hygiene and standards, therefore producing ‘excellent’ standards of health and hygiene.

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