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Logic SHE is a leading provider of asbestos management services. We act as consultants to a wide range of public and private sector organisations and specialist industries including construction, civil engineering, utilities, manufacturing, public services, the care sector and leisure services.


Despite the fact mesothelioma mortality is set to peak at 2100 deaths per year we still find asbestos to be one of the poorest managed subjects in Health and Safety. A large number of organisations including schools, councils and hospitals and are still unaware that they require a management plan for the whole of their estates, as well as an asbestos survey relevant to each building within the estate built before the year 2000.


Even more are unaware that they are not required to undertake a new asbestos survey annually (as many contractors would have them believe), they just need to inspect the asbestos that is in situ or upgrade their survey prior to major works.


There are a staggering number of cases where organisations are being duped by contractors into undertaking surveys on their estates on an annual basis because managers don’t fully understand their responsibilities. The tragedy is, that organisations following this inaccurate advice are not just seriously out of pocket; they are still not legally compliant because they have no management plan in place.


Logic SHE can help you put a management plan into place that will be tailor made for your organisation and provide useful advice as and when you need it.

All our consultants are qualified, experienced individuals and we understand the industry and the needs of the client. We will advise you on the potential impact on your business and how to manage the risk by formulating a strategy allowing forward planning and proactive management.


At Logic SHE, we remove the ‘fear factor’ when dealing with issues of asbestos management. We believe that all clients should have the opportunity to receive independent advice. By developing a management system which complies with the current requirements we enable our clients to deal with the problems encountered when handling asbestos.

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