Asbestos Surveys

Management Surveys


If you occupy a building for the purpose of just using it as an office then this is the survey for you. Management surveys will look at building materials that occupiers are likely to come into contact with. A good management survey will also take into account light maintenance tasks that will need to be undertaken. A management survey will also list where asbestos is present and assign priority assessments so that materials can be prioritised. The findings from this survey will go into a long term management strategy.


This survey will not look too hard into the building fabric. If you are undertaking a refurbishment project at a later date this survey will not be enough, you will need to undertake a refurbishment survey (Only of the area you wish to refurbish) when the time comes.


A sample of our Management Surveys:​​​

  • Western Power Distribution

    Main Service: Asbestos Survey

    Skills: Asbestos Refurbishment Survey, Asbestos Management Systems
    Description of Works

    We have undertaken a number of asbestos refurbishment surveys for Western Power buildings across South Wales & the South West.

    We have also provided management strategies to enable our client to be able to operate normally whilst undertaking awkward removal projects.

  • St James Court

    Main Service: Asbestos Survey

    Skills: Survey Team, Safety Consultant
    Description of Works

    A full refurbishment survey was undertaken of these two five star hotels.

    Refurbishment of five apartments to a high-end finish on 2 separate floors, incorporating all new electrical wiring and mechanical works alike.

  • North Bristol NHS Trust - Asbestos Management Surveys

    Main Service: Asbestos Survey

    Skills: Survey Team, Inspection Team, Asbestos Management Services
    Description of Works

    As part of the ongoing management of NBNHS Trust we have conducted over 400 Management, Refurbishment & Re-inspection surveys throughout the estate, all of which have been added to our asbestos database management system.

    We have also been involved in the NHS Asbestos training program & full database management system.

  • Dartford Tunnel

    Main Service: Asbestos Survey

    Skills: Survey Team, Inspection Team, Encapsulation Services
    Description of Works

    Asbestos survey throughout the tunnel & encapsulation of ACM’s above cement sheeting to be replaced. Removal management of cement boarding throughout the tunnel.

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