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“Trainer kept it fun and interesting” SSSTS Refresher 5th & 6th Jan 2022

“Opened my eyes about safety at work and also at home” SSSTS Refresher 5th & 6th Jan 2022

“You always make me feel so welcome” EFAW Feb 2022

“Just wanted to say thank you for the course on Thursday and Friday, and especially to Brian, an extremely knowledgeable and experienced chap who made it enjoyable. I’ve done this course a few times now, and he has been the best” SMSTS Refresher Feb 2022

“Chris was an excellent trainer, very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He was flexible and approached the subject in a relaxed and informal style, which really worked for me, as it helped me to feel included and calm. I liked the way Christopher was respectful of all delegates and when they may have answered a question slightly wrongly, he was able to paraphrase what they had said and include extra pieces of knowledge. I think you could almost call it “errorless learning” Risk Assessment Awareness course Feb 2022

“Good pupil engagement and breaks/coffee breaks/lunch spot on” Directors Course March 2022

“Overall an outstanding course, full of relevant information and presented in a way that makes it enjoyable and interesting” SMSTS May 2022

“I struggle sitting for a long time, but trainer did very well and managed to maintain my focus” SSSTS May 2022

“I came into the course with no knowledge of fire safety. I am now confident in applying to different workplaces” Fire warden July 2022

“The session was just right, not too long to lose concentration” Fire warden July 2022


"I wish to continue with your valued service" Retention Client August 2022

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