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UK to ban plastic microbeads found in cosmetic products

Small plastic microbeads often found in cosmetic products are being banned in 'wash off' products in the UK. These small plastic beads, usually found in scrubs and toothpastes', not only affect our marine eco-system but could also have a huge impact on human health.

This ban will begin from 30th June 2018 in the UK and the US will follow a day later. The UK authorities will enforce the law with fines and warnings if the beads are found in products.

A recent article from Louisa Casson, a campaigner at Greenpeace UK stated 'The UK government just proposed strongest ban on microbeads in the world to date'. She also pointed out that 'to achieve a fully comprehensive ban, we need companies to be much more transparent about when their products contain harmful microbeads'.

Since 1950, 8.3 billions tonnes of plastics have been produced with only 9% of that being recycled. The majority of the rest of the waste ends up on landfill sites or ends up seeping into our natural environment, including our oceans. Therefore, this ban on microbeads is a gradual step in the right direction to saving our planet.

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