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Natural hayfever cures

Curing hayfever naturally

Finally summer's here and we all know what the means? Picnics, walks, BBQ's and more outdoor fun! But what about those nasty allergies keeping you from enjoying yourself to the max?

So, lets go back to the start. Certain substances, like grass pollen, cause your immune system to produce histamine. Histamines are produced to fight off anything that's interfering with your system and while they do this they bring on the obligatory sneezing, runny eyes and skin rashes. Therefore, while they think they're lending a helping hand, they're making us feel down in the dumps at the same time.

Now, what can we do to not only reduce the side effects of histamine release but also reduce our reactions to substances like grass pollen?

Of course if you limit your time spent outdoors and take anti-histamines you are going to lessen the symptoms but who really wants to be stuck inside on a nice summers day? Not me and it doesn't have to be that way!

What can you do?

Promote gut health

Histamine can cause an inbalance in gut flora so by creating a balance in the gut, the side effects of histamine may reduce. To do this you can increase probiotic foods (e.g. kefir, yogurt), reduce foods that increase inflammation (e.g. processed foods) and also reduce foods rich in histamine (e.g. aged cheese and alcohol).

Reduce stress

When the body is under stress the body releases hormones that compromise the immune systems effectiveness, eventually causing histamine production. To help with this a person should recieve adequate sleep, participate in moderate exercise and reduce stress in their lives.

High blood sugar can also cause stress to the body. As your body processes sugar, adrenaline is released, creating stress therefore releasing histamine as a response. However this can be reduced by eating balanced meals at regular times throughout the day and including foods with a low GI like sweet potatoes.

Herbal remedies

It has also be found that certain herbs and spices can help reduce the effects of histamine. The top 2 being ginger and turmeric. Both spices have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties meaning they can be very helpful in reducing the side effects of histamine.

Ways to include these in your diet are by adding them to curries, juices, smoothies and even tea!

Don't let allergies ruin your fun in the sun!

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