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Why pets are important for our health

Meet Freddie

Meet Freddie, Logic's now 14 month old Labrador! In the 1 year and 2 months he's been on this planet, he's managed to reduce us to happy tears numerous times!

You may be thinking, what's a dog got to do with my health? Well, the answer is, a lot. According to research, companion animals have been shown to help with the side effects of stress, being considered a source of therapy.

Companion animals, especially dogs, have a particular way of showing you affection which can be so important for developing your emotional, physical, intellectual and social well being.

To start, lets look at the physical aspects. Pets get you moving and being biased to dogs, they need lots of exercise to keep them healthy just like we do. Exercise has been proven to release feel-good hormones that supply the body with energy and happiness.

By getting out, you're then interacting with other dog walkers or passerby's. Interaction allows a person to feel connected to others while expanding social circles. Not only that, who doesn't love watching dogs rolling around and playing together?

And finally, the animal itself. Whether it be a dog or cat, unconditional love is part of their nature. Puppies and kittens that grow up around a particular persons company form bonds meaning (just like children) in certain situations, whether it be feeling scared or excited, their owner will be their first point of contact. This constant bond means owners feel needed and loved, improving emotional well being.

So, the next time you're feeling stressed or you've had a bad day, a cuddle with your pet is in store!

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