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Health and Hydration

Health and Hydration

You know what the start of June means don't you? The start of Summer! Which also means, for most, dehydration... especially those working out in the sun.

The body is made up of mostly water so it is extremely important to consume enough water to replace any fluid lost throughout the day. Water is lost in various different ways, even breathing, and as you can imagine you're breathing every second of everyday so a lot of water is lost.

Now, as you can appreciate, the more a person sweats the more water is lost so how much a person needs is completely unique to them. Just like how much food is needed for one person may vary for another.

Dehydration can be really quite severe if left long enough. When you think about a car, without fuel, it can't run which is exactly the same with the human body. Without food and water, the body won't work. Some symptoms can be headaches, fatigue, palpitations and in severe cases seizures.

Next question... where do you get it from? The easiest source will always be, our good old friend water. It's a cheap, easy source of hydration that should be provided in all work places free of charge (unless it's bottled and from a vending machine).

Your daily source of hydration can also come from fruit juices, tea (in a variety of flavours!), coffee, milk and even different foods (especially fruit and veg). It should be noted that some of these sources like coffee should be limited because too much can cause an adverse effect resulting in frequent urination, therefore causing dehydration.

So, keep hydrated for optimal health and well-being, it's simple really!

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