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Walking for health

Walking for health

As we all know, exercise is a key element to staying healthy along with eating a balanced diet and being happy. Exercise is something that can hold people back on their journey to health, however it doesn't need to be this way. Physical activity doesn't have to involve doing countless amounts of burpees, an excessive amount of squats and bicep curling weight that is far too heavy for you. Something as easy as walking can get that heart pumping its way to health and happiness.

A recent article published by Harvard Health Publications (source), revealed 5 exceptional health benefits. The list includes:

  • Those with genes that promote weight gain can neutralise this with walking for 30 minutes everyday

  • Cravings for sugary snacks can be curbed with 15 minutes of walking

  • Risks of breast cancer can be reduced with walking, even in women with risk factors such as obesity or using replacement hormone pills/injections etc

  • Pain in joints can be eased due to the lubrication of joints and strengthening of muscles

  • Immune function can be increased due to protection against colds and flu

Pretty amazing what a short walk can do, huh?

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