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Super Duper Maple Syrup

According to a recent article published in The Daily Mail, studies have shown that maple syrup does more than make your morning oatmeal taste delicious!

Antibiotics have been praised for their effective fight towards diseases and infections, however experts in the medical field have started to warn of 'superbugs' that are resistant to the antibiotics. Health experts have warned that if a solution is not found, it could be a bigger killer than diseases like cancer. Common infections like gonorrhea, that in today's society are common and can be cured with antibiotics, could become resistant and the symptoms of diarrhea could become life-threatening.

However, in recent studies, maple syrup has been shown to have antibiotic boosting qualities. The antioxidants it holds, along with anti-inflammatory properties and digestive benefits, could possibly work with antibiotics to fight infections and 'superbugs'.

A team of researchers at McGill University in Canada exposed disease-causing strains of bacteria to maple extract to see if it had any effect on the development of the disease. In this case it did not. In a second test the extract was placed with antibiotics to see if it had boosting properties. The team found that 90% less antibiotic was needed when paired with the extract.

To conclude, this research has encouraged doctors to further their development on the breakfast staple, hoping to reveal more of its medicinal factors!

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