Feeling good through diet

Feeling good through diet In today's society, many people are unaware of the massive impact diet has on our lives. It can affect our physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being which is why a poor diet can equal poor mood and so on. What should you be avoiding? Foods containing caffeine, sugar and alcohol provide a false pick me up for the body. They lift a persons mood suddenly by spiking blood sugar before falling dramatically causing low energy and low mood. Not only this, eating a processed diet provides no nutritional value meaning the body will lack essential macro and micro nutrients. This lack of nutrients can therefore cause poor digestion, brain fog and many more sympto

Eat your greens...

Eat your greens... I'm sure you've all heard the good old saying 'eat your greens' and, of course, you should. But what about all the other colours? Red, purple, orange, yellow, white! There is no doubt, that having a bowl of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes is slightly boring, but it doesn't have to be that way and here's why. Having a diet full of different colours, tastes and textures provides variety whilst ensuring your body is receiving a huge amount of different phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are chemicals found in plants, providing them with protection against fungi, insect attacks and so on. These nutrients then get passed on to those who ingest them. These chemicals cause enzymes to

Natural hayfever cures

Curing hayfever naturally Finally summer's here and we all know what the means? Picnics, walks, BBQ's and more outdoor fun! But what about those nasty allergies keeping you from enjoying yourself to the max? So, lets go back to the start. Certain substances, like grass pollen, cause your immune system to produce histamine. Histamines are produced to fight off anything that's interfering with your system and while they do this they bring on the obligatory sneezing, runny eyes and skin rashes. Therefore, while they think they're lending a helping hand, they're making us feel down in the dumps at the same time. Now, what can we do to not only reduce the side effects of histamine release but als

Why train with Logic?

Why train with Logic? Logic SHE Solutions was formed in 2001 by Anne & Brian Parish. With lots of experience and work in the health and safety industry, they decided to set up their own business with the aim of developing a high quality Safety, Health and Environmental service. Since starting the business in 2001, the company has expanded and widened their horizons, offering services to all areas of work (construction, engineering, catering, caring and many more). We work in partnership with all our clients to ensure they receive services appropriate for them which is what helps to ensure an effective and credible business. Staff here at Logic are highly skilled and qualified as well as bein

Happy national applesauce cake day!

CAKE! Here at Logic, we are a firm believer that balance is key and when it comes to national cake day it would be rude to not! Not only that, it has apple in it so that's one of our 5 a day... ish! In all seriousness, it is really important that you do not deprive yourself of the odd treat. Deprivation leads to binging which can knock confidence massively. Balance is always key! Yes, for most of the time you should be eating good wholesome foods, but every now and then, if you fancy a slice of cake, what's the harm? Getting back on track, applesauce cake... yum! It dates back to colonial times and is celebrated annually on the 6th June. This type of cake tends to be moister than usual due t

Why pets are important for our health

Meet Freddie Meet Freddie, Logic's now 14 month old Labrador! In the 1 year and 2 months he's been on this planet, he's managed to reduce us to happy tears numerous times! You may be thinking, what's a dog got to do with my health? Well, the answer is, a lot. According to research, companion animals have been shown to help with the side effects of stress, being considered a source of therapy. Companion animals, especially dogs, have a particular way of showing you affection which can be so important for developing your emotional, physical, intellectual and social well being. To start, lets look at the physical aspects. Pets get you moving and being biased to dogs, they need lots of exercise

Health and Hydration

Health and Hydration You know what the start of June means don't you? The start of Summer! Which also means, for most, dehydration... especially those working out in the sun. The body is made up of mostly water so it is extremely important to consume enough water to replace any fluid lost throughout the day. Water is lost in various different ways, even breathing, and as you can imagine you're breathing every second of everyday so a lot of water is lost. Now, as you can appreciate, the more a person sweats the more water is lost so how much a person needs is completely unique to them. Just like how much food is needed for one person may vary for another. Dehydration can be really quite sever

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