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Women in Construction

The number of women working in construction is currently on the rise, with 37% of new entrants into the construction industry coming from higher education being women. This being said, women still only make up around 14% of construction industry professionals, although this is set to rise with the number of construction and engineering jobs increasing.

Whilst the construction industry is still a male-dominated industry, misconceptions around gender-specific roles are gradually diminishing with more and more women choosing careers in construction and engineering. Roles can vary from management, surveying, civil engineering, and bricklaying.

With this in mind, Logic wanted to congratulate Natalie Abbott, a valued member of the team, for passing her Level 6 certificates in Applied Health and Safety and Personal Injury Liability and is now on the home straight to complete her Level 6 Diploma in Applied Health and Safety. Natalie is a hard working and dedicated member of the Logic team and we’re extremely excited to celebrate her progress!

The above information is taken from A brief history of women in the construction industry can be found here.


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