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Ideas for Reducing Plastic Usage...


  • Reusable bags for shopping

  • Use reusable net bags for produce

  • When possible use shops that allow you to refill your containers.

Food Storage and Consumption:

  • Use reusable containers - metal boxes or glass boxes

  • Use wax wraps instead of clingfilm

  • Store food in glass jars and containers

  • Reuse empty jars, boxes etc, for food storage, as a utensil holder, to store leftovers, to keep berries fresh etc

  • Fill a glass with water and submerge carrots to prolong usage times.

  • Store beans, peas, broccoli and cucumber in a lightly damp cloth.

  • Fruit that ripens too quickly - cut and freeze for smoothies or baking.

  • Lay leafy greens on cloth, roll up, secure with elastic for up to 2 weeks

  • Reusable coffee cups and water bottles

  • Say no to plastic cutlery

  • Bin liners - compostable bin liners or newspaper

  • Avoid tea bags and use a tea strainer - plastic tea bags can release about 11 million microplastics into a single cup of tea!

  • Recycle chewing/bubblegum - it's also made of plastic!


  • Sanitiser: add lemon rind to 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water.

  • Deep Cleaning/Sinks/Ovens: Make a paste 50:50 bicarbonate soda and water.

  • Disinfectant/Deodoriser: Tea tree oil is commonly added to DIY cleaning products as a natural disinfectant, anti viral etc

  • Refillable containers for cleaning products

  • Switch to shampoo bars, conditioner bars and traditional soap bars

How to Remove Sticky Labels from Jars

Soak jar in warm soapy water. Peel off label as much as possible. Dry jar. Wipe some oil on the jar to begin to dissolve the sticker. Rub the sticky bits with the oily cloth and scrape residue off.


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