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❌ Myth: “You cannot stock plasters in a work first aid kit” In one case reviewed by the Myth Busters Challenge Panel, an employee had cut their finger in the workplace and a colleague tried to obtain a plaster from the first aid kit, but found there were none. When the employee raised this with their manager, they were told that due to “health and safety” reasons, such as allergies, plasters were no longer supplied in the first aid kit.

✔️ The truth: According to the HSE, there is no particular health and safety regulation that would ban the use of plasters. In fact, it is actually advised to have plasters in any workplace first aid kit in case of any emergency. With regards to the concern of plasters causing allergic reactions, you can simply stock hypoallergenic plasters, or ask the person being treated if they are allergic to plasters before applying one.


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