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The good old yogurt has been in the media for sometime, displaying its amazing properties of calcium, vitamin B, magnesium and countless amounts of gut friendly bacteria! However this isn't the only source of probiotic. Did you know the most powerful source of probiotic comes from fermented foods?

So, to put it simply probiotics are strands of good bacteria that help keep the gut healthy, as well as improving cognitive and mental well-being! Something that many people don't realise is, anti-biotics that are becoming more and more common (sometimes they are really needed, sometimes they are given out unnecessary!) kill all bacteria they can get their hands on, whether this be good bacteria or bad bacteria. Therefore it is essential to replace this bacteria using foods rich in probiotics.

How do fermented foods come into this then? Well, the fermentation process of certain foods means they are developing grounds for bacteria. Safe bacteria I would like to add! Some of these foods include kefir (fermented milk product), kombucha (fermented black tea with a sweetener), sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and sourdough bread (fermented dough).

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