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Food Hygiene Myths Busted

A recent article published by the BBC Good Food website has revealed the truth behind food safety myths thanks to the help of The Food Standards Agency.

Without further ado...

Myth 1 - The 'Five Second Rule'

The good old trick that makes it acceptable to eat food that has been contaminated by a surface (most commonly the floor!). According to The Food Standards Agency when dropping food on the floor, it is immediately contaminated with bacteria, therefore it should be disposed of.

Myth 2 - Washing Raw Chicken

Contrary to popular belief, raw chicken shouldn't be washed. This is due to the high risk of bacteria being spread onto work stations and the consumer themselves. A person shouldn't be concerned about the bacteria on raw chicken, because once cooked the pathogens are killed.

Myth 3 - The Look and Smell of Food Determines Whether it's Safe to Eat

Smelling food can often determine whether food is safe to eat, however this can be an inaccurate way of assessing foods safety. Just as food storage should comply with instructions, use-by dates should also be followed to ensure food is eaten within a safe period of time. This is the only reliable method.

Myth 4 - Reheating Rice

Rice should be eaten on the day it's cooked, however this isn't always possible. If this is the case, it should be cooled within an hour and refrigerated. It shouldn't be reheated twice, much like cooked meat.

Myth 5 - Eating Pink Pork

No pork should be eaten rare. Ever!

Myth 6 - Refreezing Defrosted Goods

Food that has been defrosted, especially meat, poultry and fish, can not be frozen for a second time due to the bacteria that has already developed on the product. However if the product has gone through the cooking process, the bacteria has been killed and meaning it can then be frozen.

Myth 7 - Sterilising Chopping Boards, Bottles and Jars in the Dishwasher

Most dishwashers reach temperatures of 95 degrees Celcius, however this can vary. If a dishwasher is well maintained it can remove a majority of bacteria, but plates, dishes and cutlery should be pre-rinsed before.

Myth 8 - Sushi and Sushi Grade Fish

Fish that is intended to be cooked contains parasites that when cooked are killed, therefore fish that is intended to be eaten raw is specially treated to kill the bacteria.

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