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Database Management

Asbestos Database Management


We have developed this database after many years of seeing supposed market leaders fail in every single aspect of creating a straight forward, manageable approach to asbestos database management. The key driving force in building this system is out of industry necessity and not profit related. This system has been created so that is simple enough for everyone to use, whilst also providing the necessary information required by professionals.


We have been using this database with massive success across 1000+ buildings to date.

All planning work on this database has been strategically built to fall in line with future development ideas, management practibility & legislation to enable a flawless national rollout.


Key Features


  • View and download the asbestos register for your entire estate or just one room. 

  • View the asbestos register how you choose, by room, building or entire estate. 

  • View and download every survey / inspection simply and easily. 

  • Allow access to any contractor for as much or little of the estate as needed. 

  • Set up a permit system where a contractor has to view the asbestos information held on record before they can print the permit. 


The database is purpose built to completely manage your asbestos management process from survey to inspections. When set up as a client you can appoint a responsible person for the entire estate as well as a building manager for each building. When inspections are due the system will contact these people.


Flag up high risk materials


Unlimited user access


Future plans for this database are to develop a smart phone application to offer clients the ability to link to their information in to a national database.




To view the database in operation Log in using these details



Password: logic


We are currently rolling this database out across the 500+ buildings on the NBT-NHS with massive success.


This system spec was designed and project managed by Rick Margetts If you would like any technical information on how this system works and future development opportunities then please drop me a line here.

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Asbestos Management Database Login


As an extension to this service Logic also offers to hold our clients asbestos information within our database. Logic will offer these clients a username and password and grant access to any persons of the clients choosing, this service can also include offering any independent consultants of the clients choosing secured access to an individual building or group of buildings within an estate. This service can also include compliance reports that actually work and automated e-mails to inform clients of up-coming inspection dates etc.


This E-Management system is the brain child of some of the best asbestos and I.T consultants in the country. The system has undergone major security checks by HSBC and is constantly being monitored. This is the only digital system on the market that can offer a fully interactive and easy to understand management system for asbestos.


To access this area go to E-MANAGEMENT LOGIN

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