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June is Pride Month - a global month-long celebration which honours visibility and inclusion for the LGBT+ community.

Pride is one of the most effective civil rights movements in history. Although gay marriage has been secured, there is much more that needs to be done such as fighting for the rights and lives of LGBT+ people around the globe, tackling LGBT+ hate crime and improving LGBT+ education in schools thus securing true equal rights once and for all.

Logic SHE Solutions encourages everyone to show support for our LGBT+ colleagues and minorities. For many years now the construction industry has been grappling with some major issues: an ageing and shrinking workforce; a lack of skills and capacity; not to mention, the need for productivity and innovation.

Under-investment in training and recruitment, combined with the poor image of construction are a key focus. If the construction industry is to attract more new entrants, young people and more women into the sector, the industry must innovate and push for change and being more diverse and inclusive as an industry is important.

Logic is committed to contribute to an industry of opportunity, through training without prejudice, everyone who wants to work in our industry. We can all help to create a truly diverse and inclusive industry where your sexual orientation or gender identity is not seen as an issue or neither creates a barrier to entry or progression. Quite simply, an environment where people can be themselves at work.

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