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Have you heard of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005?

The aim of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (Noise Regulations) is to ensure workers are protected from excessive noise which could result in permanent hearing damage.

The regulations requirements include the need for employers to take action to protect workers and implement health surveillance to workers regularly exposed to noise above 85 dB(A)*.

Being exposed to excessive noise at work can result in hearing damage that is permanent and disabling. Hearing loss can be from exposure to noise over time or from sudden, extremely loud noises. The damage can stop people being able to understand speech, keep up with conversations and use the telephone. In addition to this, people can develop a distressing condition called ‘tinnitus’ that causes ringing, whistling, buzzing or humming in the ears.

With the help of our trained and experienced consultants at Logic, businesses can determine if they have a noise problem in their workplace and what they can do to minimise the risks to their workforce.

*dB(A) = time weighted average over an 8 hour period of exposure

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