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CITB – Directors Role for Health and Safety

List Price: £140 + Vat

Duration: 1 Day


Book A – Legal and management: Construction site safety  GE700 - Included in price

Maximum Delegates: 12

Minimum Delegates: 3


This one-day interactive course has been designed for company directors and senior managers, with the aim of recognising the human and financial implications of non-compliance of health and safety legislation.

The course will provide a summary of how to promote a positive organisational culture for health and safety. Workshop exercises throughout the day will give delegates the opportunity to discuss their thoughts about health and safety and their responsibilities in an open forum.

The day concludes with delegates preparing an action plan for use when they return to the workplace. This will include a skills matrix to utilise within their organisations. 

The DRHS course is endorsed by Build UK as the standard training for all senior managers and company directors.


The delegate will gain knowledge and understanding in:

  • moral, economic and legal costs and implications of making decisions

  • strategic management of risks

  • consequences of failed health and safety management

  • importance of competent duty holders, and cooperating, communicating and coordinating health and safety on projects

  • appointment of competent health and safety assistance

  • tools to introduce a proactive health and safety culture into an organisation.


At the end of the day the delegates will be able to:

  • recognise the moral, economic and legal costs/implications of decisions made in the boardroom that make their business liable

  • explain the importance of strategic management of risks

  • appreciate the consequences of failing to manage health and safety effectively

  • describe the importance of competent duty holders cooperating, communicating and coordinating health and safety throughout the whole project

  • recognise the need to appoint competent health and safety assistance, and the limitations of such an appointment

  • identify the tools for introducing a proactive health and safety culture into their organisation.


​Assessment will be by an exam paper, the participation and completion of a case study exercise, and a trainer review. The examination demonstrates to external bodies that the certificate is only awarded to successful delegates following both an assessment and examination. Delegates are expected to be interactive during the course.

Exam paper:

​The paper consists of 15 questions; 10 multiple choice questions and 5 short written and/or matching questions and answers. This exam paper will be taken at the end of the course.

Course structure:
Module 1

  1. ​Leadership and worker engagement

  2. Health and safety law

  3. Plan, Do, Check, Act

  4. Plan, Do, Check, Act

  5. Plan, Do, Check, Act

  6. Plan, Do, Check, Act


Certification for this course is valid for 5 years. To remain certified in this area, you will need to retake the course before the expiry date.

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